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This endowment is a tax exempt, with bonuses, savings plan giving a guaranteed sum at the end of the 10 year term.


Tax Exempt Savings Plans

The Tax Exempt Savings Plan is a 10 year with profits endownment policy, which meets HMRC requirements to be exempt from tax.

We offer 2 versions of the classic friendly society 10 year savings plan, one with life cover and one without life cover.

Is the Druids Sheffield Tax Exempt Savings Plan suitable for me?
We only offer Tax Exempt Savings Plans on a non-advised basis. Whilst we can provide you with factual information, we cannot advise you what to do.
If you are not sure whether this product is suitable for you, you should seek advice from an independent Financial Advisor (IFA). If you do not know an IFA you can find details of local IFAs by telephoning IFA Promotion on 020 7833 3131 or via www.unbiased.co.uk. An IFA may charge you for advice.

Who can take out a plan?
The plan with life cover is available to anyone less than 60 when you start the plan.

How much can I invest?
Because of the generous tax savings, the maximum investment is limited by the Government to £25 per month or £270 per year. However you can start from as little as £9 per month or £100 per year. Please see the brochures in the ‘Downloads’ section for full details.

How do I apply?
Starting a Tax Exempt Savings Plan is simple. Read the relevant Key Features Document. Decide how much you can save and complete the relevant application form. You should also complete the standing order if you want to pay your premiums in this way. Finally send the completed forms to The Oddfellows, Oddfellows House, 184-186 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WB.

Please see the Key Features Documents below for full details. BEFORE YOU TAKE OUT A PLAN YOU MUST READ THE SERVICES & COST DISCLOSURES AND KEY FEATURES DOCUMENTS AND ENSURE YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND IT*. If you do not understand any point please ask for further information.

Proof of identity
You will need to provide us with proof of your identity and address (e.g. passport or recent utility bill). Please see the Proof of Identity list here or call Head Office for further details.

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view these files. Right click on the icon link and choose "save as" to save to your hard drive.

The large icons below will download the Key Feature Documents. If you only need the application form choose the small icon. You will need to print out the application form, complete and sign it and then return it to Dove House.

Thank you for choosing to apply. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
1. Download and carefully read the Key Features and Terms & Conditions document.
2. Download an Application Form.
3. Complete the Application Form and Standing Order mandate (if you want to make a regular contribution).
4. Post the Application Form, Standing Order mandate and Proof of Identity to us.
You should ensure that you have read and understood the Key Features document.

T52 Services & Costs Disclosure Document

T52 Tax Exempt - with Life Cover (T52) T52 application T52 Application form only
T52 CHILD application T52 Standing Order only
T53 Tax Exempt - without Life Cover (T53) T53 application T53 Application form only
T52 CHILD application T53 Standing Order only


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